Graybug Vision’s proprietary ocular drug delivery technologies are being developed to enable injection and implant formation in situ to avoid interference with the visual axis and eliminate inflammation and toxicity typically seen with these systems.

The technology has the flexibility to tune the duration of release in vivo for the desired application and may be applied to small and large molecule drugs, proteins, aptamers and other biologics.  The technology features 3 major advantages:

  1. High drug loading and release of the loaded drug for up to 6 months, enabled by the use of biodegradable polymer matrix (i.e., poly-lactic-co-glycolic-acid, or PLGA) which can be tuned to degrade over the desired timeframe in vivo
  2. Ability to administer with an intravitreal (IVT) injection comparable to approved products administered IVT without inflammation or toxicity through the use of hydrophilic coating and in situ microsphere aggregation to form a depot
  3. Undisturbed visual axis (no snow globe) post IVT injection due to the localization of microspheres to the periphery of the inferior vitreous.

Based on the above advantages, Graybug Vision has enabled the development of GB-102, an injectable formulation of sunitinib malate for the potentially twice per year dosing of patients with nAMD.

Injection (0.05 mL) into Inferior Vitreous
with 27G Needle