Graybug Vision was founded in September 2011 as a spin-out of the world-renowned Wilmer Eye Institute of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Graybug Vision’s initial technology was co-developed by founder, Justin Hanes, PhD, who is the Lewis J. Ort Professor of Ophthalmology at the Wilmer Eye Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, in collaboration with co-founders, and leading ophthalmology clinician-scientists from the Wilmer Eye Institute, Peter A. Campochiaro, MD and Peter J. McDonnell, MD.

Graybug Vision is developing injectable drug-eluting microparticle products with its technology for both posterior segment (back of eye) and anterior segment (front of eye) ophthalmic diseases. The unique microparticle platform is tunable to allow variable drug elution profiles without burst effects, providing the potential to deliver therapeutic drug doses over several weeks to several months. The microparticles (poly-lactide-co-glycolide acid, PLGA) are biodegradable, bioabsorbable, and biocompatible with excellent in vitro to in vivo drug elution correlations. PLGA is found in many FDA-approved products including absorbable surgical sutures and intravitreal steroid-eluting ocular implants. Variations in proprietary surface treatments allow customizable aggregation profiles from depot formation for intravitreal delivery to free dispersion through tissue planes for subconjunctival injections.

Graybug Vision has also established its own proprietary technologies to facilitate microparticle aggregation upon injection and developed a library of proprietary glaucoma and neuroprotection compounds for use as a twice a year subconjunctival injection in glaucoma therapy.